• Molly van der Heiden

Welcome back to The Black Bag 2020/21!

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Dearest readers,

Welcome to The Black Bag 2020/21. We are so excited to be back again and are ready to give you lightheaded relief from the slog that is medicine. In addition, we will also be prescribing crazily funny cartoons, constant giggles, oodles of advice, some serious musings as well as much more!

It has already been a ridiculous year for medical journalism; healthcare has been propelled into the forefront of everyone’s lives and it’s impossible to ignore the impact that effective commentary can have on the wellbeing of the population. We are not going to ignore the pandemic in any way, however we will also be providing a much more satirical and relaxed section of our website that will hopefully allow you to crack a smile in these weird yet wonderful times.

My name is Molly van der Heiden and I took over as Editor of The Black Bag this year. Researching the past 83 years of its history I found this small magazine to be rather central to many alumni’s University experience. I want to bring this back again. Medicine can be rather overwhelming at times and especially right now it’s important for us all to come together; mostly too laugh at ourselves. So, whatever year you are in and whatever specialty you have been dreaming off since you were 3, we will definitely have a place for you. Be it as a reader, writer, content creator or even if you just want to come to our meetings and have chat. Drop us a message anytime!

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Lots of love,

Molly van der Heiden


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