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Dear NHS...

Dear NHS,

I would like to thank you for your dedication in providing optimal care for your patients. This story may not be as glamorous and poignant as some but can most certainly demonstrate commitment on your part.

I had my first ever blood test when I was 14. At the time, I had glandular fever pretty badly and so was looking and feeling terrible. I was in need of blood tests and due to the extremely rural location, I attended a practice that was the main medical center at an airfield for the RAF. A hardcore medic went to do my bloods and there were about 5 trainees and students watching - it was intense. She tried three times and nothing came out except white gunk and then finally, she got it. I hated this whole experience due to my fear of needles and eventually when I was allowed to leave, I got into the car park and blacked out. In part this was a blessing and saved me from the horror that had unravelled. I woke up to realise I had been dragged to the toilet and was lying on the floor, covered in vomit, with a medic holding my head over the loo by my hair. As it was an old building with floor boards, my vomit unfortunately went in between the cracks and caused a biohazard. The whole medical center had to be closed down, which then led to the airfield being closed down. This essentially stopped all air traffic in north wales and stopped the graduating pilots from doing their graduation flypast that day in front of their families - the families of whom would have travelled far to come to this event. On top of this, the search and rescue helicopter couldn’t operate and so all air ambulance activity had to be diverted.

As I said, this was not a glamorous story by any means and is not my proudest moment, but all I can say is thank you for the dedication to completing my blood test and looking after me. Hopefully no one holds too much of a grudge!

Written by Anonymous