• Anonymous

An ode to good looking CTFs...

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Written by Anonymous ;)

Oh CTF how your eyes shine

How do you manage to look so fine,

Simply in scrubs you look so hot

It appears that I am losing the plot.

My crush on you is rather great

Your knowledge of all – that I rate,

My love for this pathway A rotation

Is great like ST segment elevation.

Oh CTF you are so skilled

When I see you I feel so thrilled,

I would hate to lose you as a teacher

To me you are God, I am your preacher.

CTF you have taken your time

To teach us whilst in your prime,

About CBGs ECGs and histories

I feel very gifted with your expertise.

CTF if you ever read this

You know that I long for your kiss,

Would our relationship be inappropriate?

If not, how very fortunate.

Oh CTF I think of you all the time

How I wish you were mine,

But of course as you have your life together

You already have a significant other.

Ultimately CTF you have my heart

Learning my name would be a great start,

To our life long love full of adventure

In my world you would be the centre.

Together we could live till our arteries calcify

To die holding hands I would be satisfied

So for now CTF keep doing what you do

For I look forward everyday to seeing you.