• Barbara Piecha

10 Top Tips For Freshers!

1. Stop doubting yourself - you worked hard to be here, so doesn’t question it. It’s just the imposter syndrome talking. You can do this.

2. Work, teach and learn from your peers. You’re in so don’t feel the need to compete and compare yourself to others.

3. You don’t need to sign up to every society out there. You may find that the further you are into the year, the less time you will have for them. Societies are about supporting your mental health so keep it simple with a hobby and a sporty one to start with.

4. Ask for help when you need it!!! This is very important as lot of students can burn

themselves out because of not wanting to look weak or stupid when they struggle. Ask your peers, mentors or support services because there is support for every kind of problem.

5. Make sure to set yourself a money budget for each week as nothing is worse than spending all your money in the pub one night and then living off baked beans for the rest of the month! A good tip for budgeting is to only take a certain amount of cash out when shopping or going out - that way you can’t spend more than you planned.

6. Use the student discounts whenever possible, and eventually the NHS discount. It saves you money, need I say more?

7. Don’t forget to talk to your family and friends back home, they miss you. Make sure to

message them once in a while and keep in touch with people outside of your new Bristol life.

8. Back up all your work onto the one drive! It will prevent lots of tears and stress if your

computer stops working for any reason. It also allows you to work on something from

different devices.

9. Although this may be difficult with COVID-19, keep social contact and try to meet new

people, even if there are restrictions and it sometimes has to be via zoom!

10. Look after yourself and practice self care; take breaks, go on walks and get fresh air, nourish yourself, drink water, wear a face mask (the therapeutic skin care kind)!